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This site provides information and discussion topics about vegan and vegetarian issues. You should find it useful whether you are an established vegetarian, a recently converted vegan or just thinking about reducing the amount of meat in your diet.

There is also a wealth of information for anyone who comes into contact with vegans and vegetarians - whether you have vegan or vegetarian friends, colleagues, or customers.

Volumes of Information

This site has Vegan Volumes on the suitability of common food products for vegans and vegetarians, such as wine, cheese and sugar as well as tips on how to convert omnivorous recipes, and tried and tested recipes of our own. Vegan Volumes is also happy to consult with professional caterers to help them formulate suitable - and tasty! - menus for vegans and vegetarians.

Check out our new nutrition section, packed with tips for new and established veggies and vegans who are concerned whether their diet is sufficient.

Take a look at Vegan Volumes mouth-watering menu and recipes, as regularly featured in the The Vegan - the magazine of the UK Vegan Society.

If you are organising a food-based event with vegan and/or vegetarian attendees, or you are vegan or vegetarian yourself and are attending a special dinner or banquet sometime in the future, pass this link (www.veganvolumes.co.uk/caterers.htm) on to the caterers so they can contact us for help, and ensure you get the feast you want!

Use the links on the left, or if you are not sure where to start, check out Vegan Volumes' definitions of vegetarianism and veganism.

Professional caterers click here to find out how Vegan Volumes can help you increase customer satisfaction.

Thanks for helping!

Many thanks to all those families who participated in the study on a new nutrition leaflet for vegan children.

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